Hamster Care Sheet
How to Take Care of a Hamster

Hamsters are adorable, and if you had one as a kid, you probably remember them being easy pets to care for. That is, of course, because your parents likely took care of your hamster.

Choosing your hamster

Choosing the right type of hamster for you

Hamsters make great family pets as they need very little space and are easy to look after, with either sex making an equally good pet.

Long-haired or teddy bear hamsters are very cuddly, but require more care as they need regular grooming. Dwarf hamsters are very cute, but not all are suitable as children's pets. Russian and Roborovski hamsters tend to be friendlier and easier to handle.

A single is for you?

There are 24 type of hamster, but only as well as other these are kept as pets. The best known are Golden, or Syrian hamsters, but it is realistic to find other forms of hamsters in pet shops nowadays. There are a variety of colours and textures of hamster coat. Short-haired hamsters are the most common, but there are also long-haired hamsters, known as Teddy Bears because in the appearance. Satin hamsters' coats are short, but very smooth and shiny, while Rex Hamsters' coats are wavy. You can also buy dwarf hamsters, usually are only around 7cm (3") long. These are very entertaining as they dart and leap around, but make sure to acquire a type, such as Russian, that is easy to take care of.

Hamsters like to live alone

Hamsters are territorial. They always live alone in the wild and prefer to live alone involving their habitat. If a person two hamsters within home, they will fight and may kill one a further. The exception is dwarf hamsters, that happy to experience other hamsters of the sex.

Where should a person your hamster?

You can buy hamsters from pet shops or local breeders. Wherever you buy yours from, be certain it is in the large, clean cage and that workers or breeders are knowledgeable, and the hamster is accustomed being handled. If buy your hamster, it should be between four and eight weeks old. Hamsters are ready to leave their mum and are easiest to tame at this age.

Signs of an appropriate hamster

The hamster is probably going to be asleep if you visit your pet shop or local breeder. Once he's been awakened gently, he should be inquisitive.

A healthy hamster should have:

  • Bright, clear, round eyes that are wide open maintain no discharge
  • Clean ears
  • Shiny fur
  • Clean bottom and tail
  • Rounded body
  • Clean nostrils and simple breathing

You may the dark patch on each hip. The kid develop a hamster's scent gland and are absolutely nothing to worry about.

Hamster Care Sheet

Buying your hamster

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Buying hamster Guidelines : six major recommendations!

As soon as you know which kind of hamster you want there are some issues that you need to think about if you go to the retailer to pick your new pet.

1. Attempt to go later in the day

Hamsters are livelier come night time than yet throughout the day. This is when you're most probably to are conscious of the actual character of a hamster. Advertising go to a pet retailer also early in the day it is likely to be that the hamsters in order to be sleeping. You aren't going staying capable to discover if one particular particular you are hunting at is just acting as standard with a hamster, or possibly is usually a tiny lazier than most.

2. Ask to take a closer appear

If you may the pet retailer owner to show you a hamster close up this perform two obstacles. It will show you a new hamster reacts to becoming handled, and it'll allow you to view if your future pet appears wholesome. You need to by no means get a hamster which includes a wet tail, bald spots or lumps (except for the scent glands on their legs). You must also make sure the hamster you spend has clean ears and a clean, dry bottom. Certainly there is normally the opportunity that your pet will turn out to be ill engaged in the stressful following you are them dwelling but you at least want to ensure they are wholesome once they leave the retailer.

3. Watch the way the hamster acts

When the retailer owner handles the hamster genuinely want to buy then you'll be capable to make sure that out its temperament. Ideally you wish to pick a hamster that is lively and inquisitive, and seems to be friendly. There is no actually want to invest from a hamster can be incredibly nervous, and definitely do n't want a pet that is aggressive!

4. Possess an appear in the atmosphere

A great deal of a hamster's wellness and situation can rely during the atmosphere in which it is made. It is not generally a state-of-the-art notion to purchase a hamster that has been kept in cramped, dirty or damp situations.

5. Find out about the age the hamster

From age about 8 weeks female hamsters can be pregnant so you have to in order to attempt and establish age and sex of the hamster an individual might be hunting to fund. Hamsters are most suitable bought in the age of four-six weeks as they less complicated to tame if you deal with them from with that age.

6. Do not be afraid to ask inquiries

Most pet retailer owners will be content to provide as a great number data as they can about a hamster, use not be reluctant to ask something you'd like to know. If purchasing stand there and accept the initially hamster the supplied you will be unlikely to get the pet anyone want.
What is held when you bring a hamster dwelling?

You have selected a hamster and purchased a cage, accessories, toys and meals, but what transpires when you really arrive dwelling with great deal higher pet?

Like any animal, and most humans also, a hamster requirements a person to settle their own new mood. You need to place obtain hamster within their cage with adequate meals and water, bedding and a location that they can hide away, and leave them entirely alone every day and night. This provides your animal time to rest and get utilised to becoming involving their new thinking.

Home & Equipment

Setup your hamster’s home

Don’t forget that you can’t buy a hamster without also buying a suitable home for your new furry friend to live in.

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In order to buy a hamster, couple of different methods some basic items you should have:

These are:

Food bowl
Water bottle
Hamster food
Exercise wheel
Wooden chews, chewable cardboard mazes

Soft bedding

You should provide your hamster generally soft bedding in his home. It must be at least 8 cm (3") thick so that the anesthetist can enjoy burrowing. Could certainly choose from many distinct types of bedding, for example Living World's Shavings, Alpine Hay, Wheat Straw and Corn Cobs. Shavings are safer than fine sawdust as this may irritate your hamster's eyes and lungs.

Don't use cat litter as this could have dangerous chemicals and not just use cotton wool, tissues or synthetic fibers either simply because can kill your hamster. If extra flab to give him some especially cozy bedding, you can easily Living World Hamster Fluff.

Where should his habitat go?

Don't put the habitat on ground - it goes on a sturdy table, shelf or stand in a peaceful place such that your hamster can sleep during day time without being disturbed. It should be in a living room between 18C to 24C (64F to 75F), which is really a comfortable living-room temperature for humans. Are usually put your hamster in a cold room or shed he may hibernate. Make sure his home is not in a draught, but isn't in direct sunlight either.

A Den for sleeping or food storage

Your hamster will appreciate having a den in his home such like Habitrail OVO Den he will make use as a private bedroom or a larder where she can store food.

Feeding your hamster

What sort of food should you give your hamster?

Too much change in your hamster's diet will upset him, so make sure you feed him the same food as the pet shop for the first week. You can then slowly start to give him new foods.


The name hamster means 'hoarder' because hamsters like to hoard! He may store very much of his food, so you will have got to give him more than he in order to eat. Your hamster uses his large cheek pouches to move the food around which enable you to carry significantly as half his body unwanted fat!

The right balance

To ensure that you give your hamster a healthy diet, containing all proper nutrients, feed him high quality dry food like Living World's Extrusion or Classic food for hamsters. Undertake it ! also give him small bits of fresh as well as suitable treats and chews.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

In addition to dry pellets, seed mixture or food blocks give your hamster some small pieces of fresh fruit or fresh fruit. The ones that really feel for him to eat are: broccoli, parsley, apple, pear, carrot and turnip. So your hamster doesn't hoard away fresh food that will rot, offer it to him in amounts of food and remove any uneaten pieces weekly.

Many vegetables and fruits are damaging to hamsters and can kill all of them with. Don't give him: onions, chives, leeks, lettuce, aubergines, garlic, raw potatoes, oranges, lemons, avocados, apple pips, peach stones or cherry stones. Don't give an excessive amount fresh food as it will possibly cause digestive upsets - one broccoli floret or slice of apple per day is the required.


In the wild, hamsters are omnivores, which means they eat meat as well as vegetables. You want to give your hamster some peptids. Twice a week, provide him with a slice of hard-boiled egg, a teaspoonful of cottage cheese, scrambled egg, or a sliver of cooked chicken.


If you feed your hamster balanced diet, he shouldn't need supplements, but a mineral block can provide some important minerals, pertaining to example calcium, and help to help you keep his teeth good and healthy.

No sweets

Don't feed your hamster sweets and not sticky sweets like chocolate, fudge or toffee, as suggestions clog his cheek pouches and cause him to fat. Your current products do a good overweight hamster, feed him Living World's Extrusion food, which is filled healthy ingredients and prevents hamsters from picking out just their best bits.

Fresh water daily

You should always make specific your hamster has river available. A lot more change water daily. Being small animals that are adapted for the life in arid environments, hamsters in addition be ingest all necessary liquid via sufficient amounts of watery vegetables, such as cucumber, without any negative outcomes.